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This statement represents the core values I carry, day by day, and use while making any decision, macro or micro. These values provide the foundation for how I perform and hold me to a standard I can be proud of. I believe this Code of Ethics offers transparency for each environment I visit and helps maintain my authenticity. 



I believe honesty is the most important ingredient in successful, quality work. To adhere to the highest standard, I remain transparent and truthful through any situation and relay accuracy at all times.



As a hardworking young adult, I represent myself and acknowledge I am accountable for my own actions. I also believe in respecting others, whose choices may be different from mine.


Integration is a significant value of mine that continues to shape who I am. I believe in experiencing different communities and cultures to better understand our world and using these differences to influence my perception and actions.



I believe in providing a voice to the voiceless, but only after immersing myself in the community, so I can represent it from an accurate lens. I also believe one can effectively serve a group without being a member of it. Through experience, I have learned the value in representing oppressed communities, even if I have no prior connection to them, and I have found this to be a true core of my character. 



I am passionate about being a passionate individual. I look for my niche in every concept and experience I commit to, and perform with enthusiasm, perspective and hard work.



I strive to be courageous in all I do, by embracing new experiences and opportunities. I believe in confidently leaving my comfort zone and using curiosity to my advantage.


I intend to abide by these ethical codes through my personal and professional experiences, by always making educated decisions that represent diversity, equality and multiculturalism. Ethics and diversity are vital aspects of the public relations profession and social media because both are fundamentally moral decisions, composed of a practitioner’s values. Both are crucial to understanding key publics and lead to effective results. 

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